Alissa Nathaniel

Alissa began singing devotional songs as a young child, in her family home. Jazz, Classical, African, French, Italian and Spanish music rang from the voice of her multi-lingual father.  Her mother’s relationship with the Divine influenced Alissa’s devotion, calling her to live in a Yoga Ashram upon completing High  school. 

The first three months in the Ashram awakened a deep memory, and Alissa dedicated herself to yoga practises, yoga nidra, asana, pranayama, karma yoga, bhakti and jnana yoga.  The joy found on this path led to the healing arts. In her twenties, Alissa became an acupuncturist.

With the understanding that the frequency of sound is a creative energy, she explored the healing power of sound and voice.  She formed a group of vocal women, with the soul purpose of using toning for healing and transformation. 

At a gathering Alissa was discovered by a prominent Jazz musician, propelling her suddenly to the stage as a Jazz and Latin performer. After seven years, she left the stage and world of entertainment.  She returned to her first love, Yoga, and completed her Yoga Teacher Training. Living in a Yoga community in the mountains, many days were spent chanting devotional kirtan, teaching yoga and opening up further to the Divine.

Alissa first saw a photo of Ramana Maharshi, the great jnana yogi, whilst visiting a friend’s acupuncture clinic. Her heart responded to the call and she booked a ticket to India. She still returns to India, to meditate and chant at the foot of Arunachala, Shiva’s sacred mountain. Her ongoing love affair with Arunachala and Ramana has lasted over sixteen years. It is a place where “her mind unravels and her heart expands”.

Alissa has been sharing her unique style of Soulful Kirtan at yoga studios and festivals up and down the East coast of Australia, in Bali and in India.