'Chanting together gives us a direct experience of the energy that opens our heart to the ecstatic bliss of the ocean of love and simultaneous it renders the fertile mind silent, allowing us to remember our essential nature.


 Sharing at the Yoga Barn in Bali


Set in the beautiful gardens of Taksu in Ubud Bali, Kam Phullar interviews Alissa about her love and understanding of the transformative nature of Kirtan. 


I first saw a photo of Ramana Maharshi at a friend's acupuncture clinic. I was jolted to the core and I knew I had been called by the great sage and by Shiva's Sacred Mountain, Arunachala in India The silence and power of Shiva's mountain ignites the devotional heart and stills the storm of the mind. This track was the inspiration for the making of 


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The Evolution of Love - is being released 2018